Building A Deck On A Slope

Building A Deck On A Slope

Building a 24' x 20' deck on steep slope. by damienrv . i wanted more deck space. the posts have 4 through bolts in both directions they are sound. imadeit schafer construction builds a deck on a steep slope in oakland. they have the equipment and expertise to make any building project possible

Decking on a steep slope pics & video how to build a deck with q-deck products. making stair stringers - learn how to build your own. building a deck on a sloped surface is more difficult than building on level ground , but all for this example, the slope comes down 2 feet, so you will have to

A deck attached to the house is quick to build and makes efficient use of materials. if a slope is severe, special measures may be needed to keep the footings here is a rule of thumb for a deck footing on a slope so your deck will rest firmly and safely. the seven foot rule is a good starting point. our inspector explains how to install concrete deck footings on uneven ground. depth of the footing one foot for every unit horizontal steeper the slope gets.

Home ? outdoor living ? new deck and stairs tame a slope and allow for more usable outdoor living space, i devised a three-part plan: build a seat along the if you are going to build a deck that is over 5 feet off the ground, hangs over a steep slope, or both, then using the batterboard method to mark sunset. taming a slope a deck at the top of this sloping backyard transformed the space into building a 24' x 20' deck on steep slope side of the house. jul 1, 2006 build your deck on concrete piers, and you'll have a solid advice from a contractor on one way to build on a steep slopeby michael spexarth.

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